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Expert Physiotherapy Treatment in the Comforts of Your Home


Physiotherapy is a branch of science which corrects disorders of the human body with specific exercise therapy after thorough diagnosis and assessment of the ailment to help the patient regain mobility. Our physiotherapy doctors use application methods, electric stimulation and devise an exercise plan which can be practised in the patient's homes. Travel may cause excessive damage and inconvenience to patients who require physiotherapy hence from home is the best way to treat them.

When do you need us

Physiotherapy can be used to treat various ailments with different treatment approaches by our physiotherapists. Since movement is a concern due to the pain, you can get yourself treated in your homes by our physiotherapists.

Back Pain

Physiotherapy can help people to manage back pain effectively. Back pain is a recurrent problem. It requires timely treatment else it might lead to severe consequences leading to immobility too.

Sports Injuries

Sportspersons encounter different kinds of injuries which need specific attention to treat them. Sports injuries can be treated with Kinesiotherapy which enhances an individual’s endurance.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist can provide the necessary therapy which includes massage therapy to reduce the stiffness, the tension of the affected muscles and reduce the pain.


People in the age group 45 years+ are susceptible to cervical and lumbar spondylosis. Our physiotherapists provide therapy to ensure mobilisation in the comforts of their homes.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Elderly persons in the age group 60 years group is more prone to osteoporosis and fractures. In- home physiotherapy service is the best way to treat such patients and avoid travel.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Hypertension or high blood pressure can cause heart disease as the heart is not getting enough blood. Cardiac physiotherapy treatment is required to regulate and maintain blood pressure.

Gynaecological Physiotherapy

Hormonal disturbances in women’s midlife due to menopause also lead to osteoporosis and arthritis. Gynaecological physiotherapy helps women to get over these crises effectively.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Disorders related to central nervous system which includes disabilities can be treated with neurological physiotherapy using muscle activation techniques and neuro developmental treatment.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapists are trained to provide therapeutic intervention if there are any issues related to the musculoskeletal disorders and or mortar skills of the developing child.

Physiotherapy Related Devices

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USP / Why Okler

  • Get healed in the comforts of your home
  • Our physiotherapists are qualified
  • Treatment provided only after diagnosis
  • Avoid the discomfort of travel in pain
  • Treatment provided at home or office
  • Our in-home services save your time
  • We offer efficacy with reliability
  • Our service costs are affordable

How We Care

Our physiotherapists provide patients focused attention during the consultation. Physiotherapy treatments can help the patients relieve themselves from the stiffness of joints and pain. Regular physiotherapy enhances coordination and mobility using various relaxation techniques, exercises and stretching. The fitness levels are elevated with proper guidance and education thus improving the quality of an individual’s lives.

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