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Nursing services provided at your doorstep in the convenience of your home.


Our in-home nursing care helps in recovery of the patients who are facing chronic or acute health issues in the comforts of their homes with their wellbeing as our priority. Our nurses provide regular updates and progress of the patient’s health to the family members and doctors. Okler can assist you to source well-trained nurses proficient in wound care, chronic care, post surgical care, elderly care, vaccination, vitals monitoring, injections, IV infusions, urinary catheterization care, tracheotomy or any ailment requiring medical services.

When do you need us

Nursing services at home play a very crucial role in the recovery of patients living with their family members post hospitalization and also for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases.


You can get your vaccinations at home and stay protected from infectious diseases. Our nurses are adept in administering vaccines for Hepatitis, Typhoid, H1N1, Pneumonia and other diseases.

Post Surgical Care

As per recent surveys, 70% of the patients need to be readmitted if proper post surgical care is not provided. Patients who avail of post-surgical care in-home nursing services recover faster.

Critical Health Care

Critically ill patients need specialized care and experienced nurses who are trained to handle titratable vasoactive intravenous medications or mechanical ventilation.

Wound Care

Regular dressing is required for post surgical wounds to heal the wound after surgery to avoid wound infection. Our nursing team is skilled to take care of wound dressings and bedsores.

Oxygen Administration

Our nurses are trained to provide oxygen administration to patients suffering from acute conditions which include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, haemorrhage, breathlessness, etc.

Injections & IV Infusion

Our nursing team can provide like IV therapy, intravenous or intramuscular injection and medications in the comforts of your home without making frequent trips to the hospital for treatment.

Nephrology Care

Patients suffering from kidney ailments which require dialysis at home, care of dialysis catheter and monitoring of intake output chart need nurses trained in nephrology care.

Palliative Care

Patients suffering from suffering chronic illnesses like congestive heart failure, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s need specialised palliative care nurses to improve their quality of lives.

Suppository Application

Suppositories application is done to administer laxatives through the rectum of very young children to treat chronic constipation and need skilled nurses to provide the application at home.

Vitals Monitoring

Elderly patients who live alone need nursing support for vitals monitoring regularly at home. Their doctors can be notified in case of any irregularities for requisite treatment by the nurses.

Enema Wash

Enema wash is advised in conditions like severe constipation which can be administered by our well trained nurses in the comforts of your home without visiting the hospital.

Stroke Recovery

Many patients suffer permanent disability after a stroke hence nursing care is essential to assist them in functional recovery post hospitalization in nurses in the comforts of their homes.

USP / Why Okler

  • Get healed in the comforts of your home
  • Our nurses ensure quality care
  • Our nurses are well trained and experienced
  • Our nurses provide holistic care to patients
  • Our service costs are affordable
  • We conduct regular background checks
  • We offer efficacy with reliability
  • We provide 24x7 services in shifts

How We Care

We assess the need of the patient after taking into account of the patient’s requirements and preferences to book the services. We match the preferences of the patient with our nursing team to find the suitable nurse to cater to our customer’s needs. Our nurses undergo our screening process and check is done for their skills and their medical knowledge.

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